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Dangerous Weapons

I have refrained from weighing in on the gun control issue up to this point, but I can wait no longer. It is high time we got dangerous weapons off the street. Last June a 63-year-old woman in Lima, OH, plowed her car into a crowd hurting thirty people. Some news sources claim it was an accident. In September an angry Houston man drove his vehicle into a crowd outside a sports bar. Given the fact that he backed up and hit one woman a second time, one may suppose that his behavior was deliberate. In August last year a man in Los Angeles ran over eleven people at an elementary school including nine children. Clearly, motor vehicles were created for the sole purpose of killing and maiming large numbers of people at a time.

This is not an American problem alone, but an international crisis which must eventually be addressed world-wide. In December in Beijing an angry man rammed his vehicle into a group of students, injuring thirteen. Motor vehicles even make it possible for people to drive while intoxicated. A man was charged last year with killing four and injuring others in an incident in Cleveland when he ran his car into a crowd at a street fair while he was intoxicated. If he had been riding a bicycle, none of this would have happened.

I haven’t even mentioned the thousands of rabbits, squirrels, and possums that are killed or crippled each year by the wanton destruction of these incredible weapons. And these are just a few of the thousands of cases. Just Google “Drive car into crowd” and you’ll see what I mean. The evidence is overwhelming. We must act quickly and soon to eliminate all motor vehicles. And if you think this argument is crazy, just take a look the ones being used by those who wish to void the second amendment and confiscate all firearms from the millions of quiet, law-abiding citizens who own firearms for sport or self-defense. Let’s look for real answers to the problem of violence in our society.


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