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More Secrets

Consider, too, the words of John Ruskin the tendency of wise authors to have a depth that rewards reflection and effort:

And be sure also, if the author is worth anything, that you will not get at his meaning all at once; –nay, that at his whole meaning you will not for a long time arrive in any wise. (John Ruskin’s Sesame and Lilies (Silver Series of English and American Classics. Reprint: NY: Silver, Burdett, and Company, 1900))


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Seeking Secrets

I ran across a video by The Piano Guys the other day (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ_fkw5j-t0) which had a quotation by Beethoven. I tracked down the original and though it was written to a young musician named Emilie in 1812, it is just as relevant for those in the martial arts today:

Fahre fort, übe nicht allein die Kunst, sondern dringe auch in ihr Inneres; sie verdient es. (Ludwig van Beethovens sämtliche Briefe und Auszeichnungen, p. 187)

Continue. Don’t just practice your art, but penetrate into its inner secrets; it deserves it. [Translation, FWIW, is mine.]

Those who begin a martial art seeking “the secret” to becoming an invincible fighter will be disappointed. Those who pursue their martial art will find dozens of “secrets”–insights not apparent at first, insights about balance, about grace, about life. Scripture is a lot like that too. While there is much to learn even at first glance, the greatest scholars cannot plumb all the depths of God’s Word and studying the Bible is a life-long pursuit.

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Spring Thing

It seems that spring has begun here in our area. I’ve been hearing killdeers and red wing blackbirds for a couple weeks. I’ve seen robins this week. Willows and poplars are beginning to bud. But the surest sign I know? I found colt’s foot blooming on my walk today. Forget the calendar. Spring has begun!

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